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Key aspects of the MAR-ICE Network

The MAR-ICE network offers remotely product and incident-specific information and expert advice within 1 hour of the request and more detailed information shortly thereafter.

The information provided includes:

• Relevant substance-specific documentation
• Additional expert advice on specific product properties and hazards through direct contact with a knowledgeable chemical company.

Furthermore, and on a case-by-case basis, the service provides:

• Risk assessment for responders and the environment

• Drift and weathering modelling results, indicating areas potentially impacted by the released chemical

• Advice on response methods and options.

National authorities benefit from rapid access to a network of marine pollution response and chemical experts, via a dedicated single-contact point (MAR-ICE Contact Point). The specialist product and incident-specific information and advice provided and their associated risks and complement existing information sources at national or regional level