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Guidance for Ship Inspections under the Port Reception Facilities Directive (Directive 2000/59/EC)

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s cover prf reportThe goal of this document is to provide a harmonised approach to the enforcement of Directive 2000/59/EC on Port Reception Facilities for Ship-Generated Waste and Cargo Residues (hereafter referred to as ‘the PRF Directive’).

This guidance has been developed to facilitate Ship Inspections that are presently being undertaken by the European Union Member States (hereafter referred to as MS) to enforce the PRF Directive. It should be noted that DG Move and EMSA are currently developing systems to gather and provide additional pertinent information to help the PRF Inspector efficiently undertake PRF inspections based on the revised advanced notification form format in Directive (EU) 2015/20871. As such new functionalities and information will become available in THETIS-EU. When these functionalities become available EMSA will inform the MS and revise this document accordingly.