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Second CISE Test Campaign launched!

A First Test Campaign was successfully concluded at the end of May 2020, with the aim to test connectivity and the service configured by the previous project EUCISE2020 and to ensure overall operability of the CISE network.


A Second Test Campaign has now been initiated, with the main aim to extend the scope of the First Test Campaign to have all the nodes of the CISE network participating to the exercise, including the new nodes belonging to EFCA and EMSA.


A detailed plan for the Second CISE Test Campaign will be presented at a meeting on 23 September 2020 and will be adapted in close cooperation with participants. The result of each test case will be reported once completed and at the end of the Second Test Campaign, foreseen by 30 November 2020, a final report will be drafted and shared with all participants.


The outcome of the Second Test Campaign is expected to clarify the status of development of any adaptor or legacy system participating in CISE and will give a guideline for a way forward towards the operative phase. At the end of the Second Test Campaign, each node is expected to have a simulator installed, tested and fully operative.

All node owners are encouraged to take active part in the Test Campaign.

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