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Study on the Delivery of Ship-generated Waste and Cargo Residues to Port Reception Facilities in EU Ports

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s cover port wasteThe final report of the study on the Delivery of Ship-generated Waste and Cargo Residues to Port Reception Facilities in EU Ports has just been published online.

This study, carried out by consultants following a public tender, is based on the information received from 40 EU ports. The aim of the study was threefold: to update the data on the delivered ship-generated waste and cargo residue volumes to port reception facilities; to describe the systems in place; to analyse the impact of these systems on the delivery of ship-generated waste and cargo residues.


The content of the report represents the views of the consultants only and should not be taken as indicative of the official view of the European Maritime Safety Agency, or of any other EU institution or Member State.

Port Reception Facilities in a nutshell

newsbulletThe PRF Directive 2000/59/EC requires vessels to land the waste they produce during voyages to and between EU ports to port reception facilities.

newsbulletIt also requires ports to develop Waste Handling Plans and provide Port Reception Facilities to the ships using their port.
newsbulletIt requires vessels to pay a Mandatory Fee for landing this waste and to notify the port of what waste it has in advance of arriving in port.

newsbulletThe mandatory Fee ensures that a ship can land its waste and that waste is not discharged into the sea, however the amount and type of wastes that can be delivered in each port vary.
newsbullet This is one of the oldest pieces of European Legislation for shipping in the EU and the Commission are presently revising this Directive.

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This study provides an empirical overview of the management, drivers, technologies and the quantities of different categories of ship-generated waste. The data presented in this report have been collected from ship audits, interviews, a literature review, an online survey among stakeholders and audits of waste notification forms.