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Equasis & Statistics

The Equasis information service is now recognised as an essential tool to help promote quality and safety in maritime transport. The service went live in May 2000, following the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding to establish the information system by the Commission, France, Japan, Singapore, Spain, the UK and the US Coast Guard. Since 2007, the Commission has been represented by EMSA in both the MoU and the governing bodies of Equasis. The system presents safety and quality-related information on the world's merchant fleet with a particular focus on information on port state control inspections, class and P&I cover. The information is supplied by several port state control regions and various industry-based organisations. The data is accessible freely on the internet at

EMSA represents the European Commission in Equasis as a member of its Supervisory Committee. In June 2008, the Equasis Supervisory Committee mandated EMSA to take responsibility for the hosting of the management unit. This task will be ensured by the Agency as from the beginning of 2009. EMSA also contributes to the production of the annual Equasis statistical publication "The world merchant fleet".

The Equasis and Statistics team supports the agency's information needs by coordinating and managing the procurement of maritime data from the commercial data providers. These sources, which include information on vessel characteristics, vessel movements, historical information about ships, casualties, inspections, deficiencies, detentions, owners, demolitions, new buildings and equipment on board vessels, are made available to agency staff.

The statistics team also provides a data processing and analysis service through an agency-wide help desk. Through this facility, the members of the statistics team support actions for various operational units, and sometimes other EU bodies, on the basis of sources covering the whole range of data hosted by EMSA. Traditionally, the team has invested significant resources in supporting port state control activities with the production of regular operational statistics and ad-hoc analyses of available PSC data. More recently, it has also undertaken to manage and support innovative pilot projects, one example being the calculation of air emissions from ships.


Equasis & statistics in a nutshell


newsbulletManagement of Equasis

newsbulletPublishing the annual statistical report on the world merchant fleet in Equasis

newsbulletProduction of statistical products, services and publications

newsbulletProvision & enhancement of the MARINFO database based on the best commercial data available

newsbulletProvision of an Helpdesk service for data processing , data analysis and the production of statistics


newsbulletReliable and compatible data contribute to a better monitoring of the EU maritime legislation and support the Agency's tasks in using up-to-date and validated information.