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Training & Cooperation

Training and cooperation has been one of the main activities of the European Maritime Safety Agency since 2004.

  • Through its training programme, the Agency assists EU countries, Norway and Iceland in areas where they need support. EMSA fosters cooperation and disseminates best practices in fields related to the interpretation and implementation of EU maritime safety legislation [more info on Member States].
  • The organisation and provision of training to candidate and potential candidate countries, applying for European Union membership, is another core task as set out in EMSA's revised founding regulation [more info on enlargement countries].

As part of the projects for technical assistance funded by the European Commission, EMSA offers cooperation and assistance in the fields of maritime safety and security, prevention of pollution from ships and marine environmental issues to:

To help maritime administrations identify their training needs, EMSA has published an inventory of the training courses available. For each course, the inventory indicates potential beneficiaries, approximate duration and a summary of the main content.

In addition, the training and cooperation sector undertakes a number of horizontal tasks, including the preparation and updating of the "Overview of European maritime administrations" report. EMSA also provide a platform for cooperation and coordination among maritime administrations in the beneficiary countries.

EMSA Training Catalogue

m cover training catalogue

Training & Cooperation Contacts

Training and Cooperation
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