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Training & Cooperation: Enlargement Countries

Further European Union Enlargement

EMSA offers training to potential EU candidate countries in line with its founding regulation. This task is accomplished through an EU funded project for technical assistance "Preparatory measures for the participation of Enlargement countries to EMSA's work".

This activity builds up the capacity of each of the beneficiary countries' national administrations to bring their national legislation closer to EU legislation, thereby helping them prepare for EU membership.

There are currently six beneficiary countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. EMSA organises and holds technical events in which hundreds persons from these countries receive training through seminars, workshops, in-country courses and information days.

By providing training to enlargement countries, EMSA's reach extends beyond the EU's own external borders. The courses help to raise awareness of maritime safety, ship security and pollution prevention and response. They encourage marine environmental protection in the wider European area and facilitate the adoption, implementation and enforcement of EU standards.

The courses are geared towards officials from the beneficiary countries' maritime authorities or other maritime institutions working on the development, implementation and enforcement of the relevant maritime legislation.



Training & Cooperation enlargement countries in a nutshell


newsbulletTraining/Technical assistance for officials from Croatia, Turkey and the Western Balkans related to EU-legislation and EMSA activities.


newsbulletTo support the process of approximation to EU maritime safety acquis for candidate and potential candidates.

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