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The Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents consists in a high-level analysis of accidents reported by the EU Member States in European Marine Casualty Information Platform (EMCIP). This s...

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Newsletter November 2015 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2534-newsletter-november-2015.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2534-newsletter-november-2015.html Newsletter November 2015

In this issue: Transport Commissioner Bulc sends important message to EMSA; Embracing what technology has to offer for maritime surveillance; EMSA satellite services used in migrant rescue operation;...

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Industry Consultation meeting on RPAS pilot services for maritime surveillance http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2532-rpas.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2532-rpas.html Industry Consultation meeting on RPAS pilot services for maritime surveillance

Jointly organised ESA/EMSA consultation to explore market availability, capability and readiness to provide RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) based pilot services for maritime surveillance. The...

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Newsletter October 2015 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2496-newsletter-october-2015.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2496-newsletter-october-2015.html Newsletter October 2015

In this issue: Portugal’s minister of agriculture and sea pays a visit to EMSA; Latest Equasis annual report offers detailed overview of world fleet; EMSA welcomes a delegation from the European Parl...

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EMSA Facts & Figures 2014 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2494-facts-figures-2014.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2494-facts-figures-2014.html EMSA Facts & Figures 2014

EMSA facts and figures 2014 is a new publication for our Agency. It is designed to present a distilled version of the Consolidated Annual Activity Report, presenting salient points clearly and concis...

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TRACECA II Bulletin - September 2015 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2483-traceca-ii-bulletin-september-2015.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2483-traceca-ii-bulletin-september-2015.html TRACECA II Bulletin - September 2015

This newsletter is published twice per year.

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Equasis annual report published http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/1554-equasis-annual-report-published.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/1554-equasis-annual-report-published.html Equasis annual report published

“The world merchant fleet in 2014. Statistics from Equasis” is now available for download

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Newsletter September 2015 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2471-newsletter-september-2015.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2471-newsletter-september-2015.html Newsletter September 2015

In this issue: Users of EMSA's maritime services to benefit from upgrade to platform; RuleCheck ship inspection tool now available for flag state users; Practical scenario offers safe environment to ...

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Reporting Hazmat in SafeSeaNet: Obtaining accurate information on dangerous and polluting goods on board ships http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2470-hazmat-ssn.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2470-hazmat-ssn.html Reporting Hazmat in SafeSeaNet: Obtaining accurate information on dangerous and polluting goods on board ships

Accurate knowledge of dangerous or polluting goods being carried on board ships is essential to the effectiveness of safety and pollution response operations at sea. It is vital to minimise safety ha...

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EMSA stakeholders strategic survey results http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2468-emsa-stakeholders-strategic-survey-results.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2468-emsa-stakeholders-strategic-survey-results.html EMSA stakeholders strategic survey results

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our strategic survey. We greatly value your views on EMSA, and will be using the results to move closer towards our overall aim of contributing to a safer,...

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