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In this issue: THETIS inspection database now covers sulphur directive; SafeSeaNet: reporting of accurate HAZMAT information; Latest overview of marine casualties and incidents now available; New con...

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Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2014 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2303-annual-overview-of-marine-casualties-and-incidents-2014.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2303-annual-overview-of-marine-casualties-and-incidents-2014.html Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2014

The Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents consists in a high-level analysis of accidents reported by the EU Member States in European Marine Casualty Information Platform (EMCIP). This f...

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Newsletter December 2014 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2291-newsletter-december-2014.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2291-newsletter-december-2014.html Newsletter December 2014

In this issue: Administrative Board sets priorities for 2015 Manuela Tomassini new Head of Safety and Standards; Stronger cooperation with DG ECHO over maritime emergencies; Ebola virus monitoring co...

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MAR-ICE Network: Marine Chemical Emergency Information Service http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/1613-mar-ice-network-marine-chemical-emergency-information-service.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/1613-mar-ice-network-marine-chemical-emergency-information-service.html MAR-ICE Network: Marine Chemical Emergency Information Service

In close cooperation with the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and the Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (Cedre), EMSA created the MAR-ICE ...

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Boost for cooperation on maritime emergencies http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2277-boost-for-cooperation-on-maritime-emergencies.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2277-boost-for-cooperation-on-maritime-emergencies.html Boost for cooperation on maritime emergencies

From left to right: Fotis Karamitsos (Director DG MOVE), Florika Fink-Hooijer (Director DG ECHO), and Markku Mylly (Director EMSA) Maritime incidents such as oil spills can have huge environmental an...

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Annual Report 2013 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2271-annual-report-2013.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2271-annual-report-2013.html Annual Report 2013

This annual report is an account of the work undertaken by EMSA in 2013 to enhance the quality of shipping, strengthen maritime safety and achieve cleaner oceans. It measures the added value of EMSA'...

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Newsletter November 2014 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2264-newsletter-november-2014.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2264-newsletter-november-2014.html Newsletter November 2014

In this issue: Violeta Bulc takes up role as new transport commissioner; Responding effectively to chemical pollution at sea; EU bodies and countries discuss Integrated Maritime Service; SafeSeaNet: ...

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Inventory of national policies regarding the use of oil spill dispersants in the EU http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/618-inventory-of-national-policies-regarding-the-use-of-oil-spill-dispersants-in-the-eu.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/618-inventory-of-national-policies-regarding-the-use-of-oil-spill-dispersants-in-the-eu.html Inventory of national policies regarding the use of oil spill dispersants in the EU

EMSA is tasked by Regulation (EC) No 2038/2006 to "draw up on a regular basis a list of the private and state pollution response mechanisms and response capabilities in the various regions of the Eur...

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EMSA publishes 'Damage Stability Study' undertaken by DNVGL http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2161-emsa-publishes-damage-stability-study-undertaken-by-dnvgl.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2161-emsa-publishes-damage-stability-study-undertaken-by-dnvgl.html EMSA publishes

The issue of stability, and especially damage stability of passenger ships, has been frequently re-visited. This has been so, not due to the number of associated accidents, but due to the consequence...

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Newsletter October 2014 http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2155-newsletter-october-2014.html http://www.emsa.europa.eu/news-a-press-centre/external-news/item/2155-newsletter-october-2014.html Newsletter October 2014

In this issue: Newly re-elected European Parliament President visits EMSA; Preparing the entry into force of the revised sulphur Directive; A course on operational aspects of aerial surveillance; EMS...

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