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Find below the latest issues of the EMSA Newsletter during the current year.

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  • Newsletter December 2016

    Published 06.12.2016 Updated 09.01.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Accident investigation experts and maritime administrations look at fire safety on board ro-ro ferry decks; Database to support info exchange on dangerous & polluting goods; Support in maintaining a hazardous materials inventory in light of the EU’s ship recycling regulation; New RPAS contracts to strengthen maritime surveillance capabilities; EMSA holds Copernicus maritime surveillance service user workshop; EMSA studies cost-effectiveness of measures taken to implement Port State Control Directive.


  • Newsletter November 2016

    Published 07.11.2016 Updated 07.11.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Human Element Workshop Puts Seafarers Centre Stage; Open Day Abroad the Oil Spill Response Vessel Balluta Bay; Harnessing earth Observation Data from Satellite Imagery for Fisheries Control and Law Enforcement; Integrated Maritime Services Mobile App Upgrade Now Available; Towards Better Implementation and Enforcement of International Rules; Oil Spill Response Exercise Held off the Coast of Portugal.


  • SAFEMED III Bulletin - October 2016

    Published 24.10.2016 Updated 14.12.2016

    m cove safemed4Check the latest SAFEMED III BULLETIN. This newsletter is available in EN and, and it is published twice per year.

  • Newsletter October 2016

    Published 06.10.2016 Updated 10.10.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Agencies to forge closer ties over coast guard functions; EMSA hosts second Automated Behaviour Monitoring workshop; Workshop with EU Recognised Organisations; Positive uptake of EMSA study on alternative fuel in shipping; 3rd ASEAN-EU maritime security cooperation meeting.


  • Newsletter September 2016

    Published 02.09.2016 Updated 02.09.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this edition: Equipment assistance service for oil pollution response now operational in Baltic and North Sea; EMSA's Fact and Figures 2016 publication now online; Fostering cooperation & sharing best practices through targeted training; Quarterly updates now available for marine casualties and incidents; User benefit analysis guides EMSA in its preparations to bring RPAS into operation in the maritime domain.

  • Newsletter August 2016

    Published 01.08.2016 Updated 30.08.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this edition: EMSA and Norway sign agreement on Satellite-AIS data exchange; Sharing best practices on reporting and analysing accident & incident data; Strengthening EMSA’s pollution response services in the Atlantic; Recently published review gives EU-wide picture of seafarer statistics; New Equasis MoU signed as committee marks 15 years of promoting ship safety & quality.

  • Newsletter July 2016

    Published 08.07.2016 Updated 01.08.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this edition: Sharing Coast Guards Experiences for a Safer Mediterranean; Paris MOU Holds Annual Committee meeting; Pilot Study Gets Underway on Cost-Effectiveness of PSC Directive; EMSA's Equipment Assistance Service Becomes Operational.

  • Training & Cooperation Newsletter May 2016

    Published 17.06.2016 Updated 21.06.2016

    m newsletter trainingCheck the latest Training and Cooperation Newsletter available. This newsletter is published quarterly.

  • Newsletter June 2016

    Published 03.06.2016 Updated 03.06.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this edition: New satellites expand EMSA’s Earth Observation Capacities; Finnish city of Turku hosts European Maritime Day 2016; EMSA & Frontex extend cooperation for another three years; Ongoing support for member states as they implement EU sulphur rules.

  • Newsletter May 2016

    Published 04.05.2016 Updated 04.05.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Oil spill response exercise held in Morocco; 28th Equasis editorial board meets in Lisbon; EMSA delegation heads to Rome; Seminar in Vancouver looks at better decision-making via maritime traffic monitoring & modelling; optical images to bring increased surveillance capabilities.

  • Newsletter April 2016

    Published 04.04.2016 Updated 04.05.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Portuguese MEP visits EMSA; Exchanging expertise on oil spill identification and fingerprinting; EMSA expands into new areas of cooperation with the European Anti-Fraud Office; Impact of the refugee crisis on the transport sector; Italian Coastguard officials receive training on home ground; Three new studies in the pipeline for 2016.

  • Newsletter March 2016

    Published 04.03.2016 Updated 04.03.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Enhanced support for decision making on the use of dispersants; IMSAS auditor training held at EMSA at IMO request; Equasis Unit heads to Oman to promote inspection data exchange; Satellite sensors offer increased coverage and improved service.

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