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Safety Analysis of Data Reported in EMCIP - Analysis on Marine Casualties and Incidents involving Container Vessels

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cover emcip2020This safety analysis of the European Marine Casualty Information Platform (EMCIP) data is produced in a context where container vessels have gained increasing visibility and relevance in international trade. More than 90% of the world non-bulk cargo carried by sea makes use of containers. Consequently, container vessels have become an increasingly important part of the global logistics value chain. The analysis offers a high-level overview of the safety issues reported in the system between 2011 and 2019 and considers the remedial actions suggested to prevent similar occurrences in future, either safety recommendations (SR) proposed by an Accident Investigative Body (AIB), or autonomously taken by the relevant parties. The deliverable consists of the following documents:

• A “full analysis” of the factors contributing to accidents and incidents involving container vessel, including key statistics, and;

• A more compact “summary report” presenting specific safety issues with a potential horizontal impact on the transport mode at stake.