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Marine Accident Investigation: European Projects

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BERTRANC - Concerted Action Committee of experts had the specific remit to examine the “Methodology of Safety in Maritime Operations”, and the “Impact of the Human Element on Global Maritime Safety”, with the following broad aims:

  • to facilitate the development of a common methodology for the investigation of maritime accidents and the reporting of hazardous incidents;
  • to improve the understanding of human factors as related to accidents and to account for these factors in the common methodology.

CASMET - Casualty Analysis Methodology for Maritime Operations

The objectives of the CASMET project were to achieve the following:

  • to develop a casualty analysis methodology that will adequately address human and organisational errors (HOE);
  • to develop an assessment tool for policy impact, which will address HOE, and which will be supported by the casualty model;
  • to demonstrate the results of the proposed casualty analysis methodology and to evaluate its impact assessment with selected cases;
  • to develop a complete procedure and methodology for the investigation and analysis of maritime casualties to be introduced in a common EC casualty database.

FSEA - Formal Safety and Environmental Assessment of Ship Operations

The Concerted Action on Formal Safety and Environmental Assessment of Ship Operations, a project funded by the European Commission, intended to establish a common knowledge within European shipping about methods for assessment of the safety and environmental impact of ships.