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Recognised Organizations Performance Table

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Download the Recognized Organizations performance table as approved by the Paris Mou Committee (PSCC51 – May 2018).

Effective from July 1st 2018.


Classification Societies recognised by EU

-American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
-Bureau Veritas SA — Registre international de classification de navires et d'aeronefs (BV)
-China Classification Society (CCS)
-Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS)
-KR (Korean Register)
-Indian Register of Shipping (IRCLASS)
-Lloyd's Register Group LTD (LR)
-Nippon Kaiji Kyokai General Incorporated Foundation (ClassNK)
-Polish Register of Shipping (PRS)
-RINA Services S.p.A.
-Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS)