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Newsletter June 2018


In this issue: Learning how surveillance systems can be used to detect pollution; Adriatic 2018 – oil spill response exercise coordinated by Croatia; EMSA hosts ECSA Safety & Environment Committee...

Copernicus Maritime Surveillance - Product Catalogue


The Copernicus Maritime Surveillance (CMS) service, implemented by EMSA, provides earth observation satellite images to support a better understanding and improved monitoring of activities at sea. The service is available...

Sulphur Inspection Guidance


This document is intended to provide guidance for a harmonised approach to the inspection of ships, ascertaining their compliance, identifying non-compliances and applying control procedures for the enforcement of Directive...

MAR-CIS - Marine chemical information sheet [leaflet]


  The MAR-CIS information sheets provide in a concise way substance-specific and maritime relevant information on chemicals aiming to assist the competent authorities during the initial stage of the response to...

Pollution Response Services - Supporting Pollution Response for Cleaner European Seas


The European Maritime Safety Agency offers a range of services to help coastal States around Europe respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to marine pollution from ships and oil and gas...

MAR-ICE Network: Marine Chemical Emergency Information Service


In close cooperation with the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and the Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (Cedre), EMSA created the MAR-ICE Network in 2008...

Newsletter May 2018


In this issue: Boosting technical expertise in the EU’s Enlargement Countries; Port State Control – Caribbean MoU, Indian Ocean MoU and IMO visit EMSA; Integrated Maritime Services for Member States...

Newsletter April 2018


In this issue: 50th Administrative Board meeting led by new chair Andreas Nordseth; Drawing lessons from EMCIP data – greater safety on fishing vessels; Working together for a cleaner environment;...

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