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Integrated Maritime Services - Operational Awareness. Get Started on the IMS Mobile app


EMSA’s Integrated Maritime Services (IMS) combine data from EU member states, EMSA and other EU agencies, to provide a comprehensive real time maritime picture. The IMS app is a ‘light’...

Preliminary Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2014-2019


This publication is based on EMSA’s activities in the field of accident investigation. EMSA’s role begins with support to the accident investigation bodies of the Member States, but it...

New procurement procedure for Equipment Assistance Service (EAS) Southern Europe


In order to strengthen its pollution response services, EMSA announces the launch of a procurement procedure to contract an Equipment Assistance Service arrangement located along the Adriatic Sea. To apply...

New procurement procedure for oil spill recovery vessels EMSA/CPNEG/1/2020


In order to strengthen its response capacity network EMSA announces the launch of a procurement procedure to contract new stand-by oil spill recovery vessels in the following areas: - Central Mediterranean...

Network of Stand-by Oil Spill Response Vessels: Drills and Exercises. Annual Report 2019


In order to provide additional support to the pollution response mechanisms of EU Member States in a cost efficient way, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) operates, in European waters...

COVID-19 Important Announcement


As we watch together the rapid escalation of COVID-19, we are conscious of our responsibility to act both individually and collectively to reduce transmission. This is all the more important given that...

Newsletter March 2020


In this issue: Major international gathering set on bolstering seafarer rights to decent working conditions; Ambassadors of EU countries to Portugal invited to visit EMSA; EMSA participates in discussion panel...