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Stakeholder workshop on the European Maritime Safety Report (EMSAFE)

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The maritime transport sector moves almost 90% of world trade and serves as a vital facilitator of the global economy. Here in the EU, billions of tonnes of goods move through our ports each year, and more than 400 million ship passenger journeys are made annually.

Against this backdrop, and in the context of increased demand for maritime transport throughout the world, EMSA will release the first ever European Maritime Safety Report (EMSAFE) in 2022.

EMSAFE will provide a comprehensive and factual overview of a wide range of maritime safety topics, combining information from all of EMSA’s databases to provide detailed insights into the status of maritime safety in the EU.

The report also focuses on future safety trends, in the light of accelerating technological developments in the maritime transport sector.

As a key milestone in the development of the report, EMSA is organising an online stakeholder workshop on 27th January from 10:30 to 15:15 (UTC). During the workshop, an overview of the draft report will be presented for stakeholder feedback, and participants will be invited to discuss and debate its content and approach.

The workshop will take place on the Zoom platform. Clicking on the link below will enable you to enter your details, and receive a Zoom link via email the day before the workshop which will enable you to join the event.