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Network of Stand-by Oil Spill Response Vessels and Equipment (Handbook 2014)

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m cover handbook pr2014In May 2004, with the entering into force of Regulation 724/2004/EC, EMSA was given the task of providing support to Member States in their efforts to respond to ship-sourced pollution in EU waters. In order to define the framework for the associated support activities, the Agency developed the Action Plan for Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response (2004). The plan is updated regularly as part of the Agency's annual Work Programme.

Network of Response Vessels: Quick facts

Number of vessels which can be mobilised simultaneously: 16

Average storage capacity per vessel for recovered oil: 3.500 m3

Network storage capacity, if 16 vessels are mobilised: 60.000 m3

Number of related equipment stockpiles: 16

Mobilisation time (vessel ready to sail to site) after request: 24 hours

Mobilisation procedure:

-Member States request assistance via the ERCC

-Member States have operational control of the vessel during the incident