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Blue Belt Pilot Project - Evaluation Report

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The Blue Belt pilot project, set up to see if providing ship information could simplify customs formalities for ships trading within the EU, was evaluated from a technical, operational and legal point of view to assess how the service was being used by the customs authorities.

The feedback provided by the Member States' customs authorities and the shipping industry is the basis for determining how the information contained in the Blue Belt notification reports was used by the customs authorities.

The project monitoring data, which was received from the Member States and the shipping industry, provides information about the quality of the Blue Belt service, and invites the stakeholders to provide suggestions how it could be further improved.

SafeSeaNet Ecosystem GUI

SEG Infographics v0 5 Final Editable 05
The SafeSeaNet Ecosystem Graphical User Interface (SEG) is the common web interface providing access to EMSA's maritime applications and data sets including SSN, IMS, LRIT and CSN.

Maritime Support Services

About the MSS
The Maritime Support Services Operations Centre is at the heart of EMSA’s maritime monitoring and information activities.

SafeSeaNet Quick Facts

  • Vessel traffic monitoring system
  • Based on monitoring AIS (radio) broadcasts from ships
  • Covers all European coastal waters (over 20,000 vessels)
  • >12,000 ships/day tracked in EU waters
  • >100,000,000 AIS positions recorded per month
  • Service operated by EMSA, provided to Member States authorities
  • Uses: traffic management, search-and-rescue, banned vessel tracking