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Integrated Maritime Policy and the SafeSeaNet Ecosystem

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Study to assses the future evolution of SSN to support CISE and other communities

m cover ssn ecosystemThis study was undertaken as part of a Delegation Agreement between the European Commission (EC) and EMSA, as a result of Action 3.1 of the Commission Implementing Decision of 12.3.2012 concerning the adoption of the Integrated Maritime Policy work programme for 2011 and 2012 ("IMP Work Programme").



The study is focused on identifying:

    1. The technical capabilities of the SSN ecosystem that already support or can be used to support the information exchange with other user communities;
    2. The more significant technical developments required of the SSN ecosystem in order to further support CISE;
    3. The data and information deemed more likely to be exchanged in CISE and within this context
    4. which data is al-ready available (or already exchanged) in the SSN ecosystem.

The overarching conclusion of the assessments performed is that the SSN ecosystem has the appropriate technical capabilities to exchange the data [more likely to be shared] with other user communities which are supporting the development of a Common Information and Sharing Environment (CISE) for the maritime domain, since it:

i) Is established and operational 24 x 7 x 365 and accessible by all EU Member States as well as relevant EU bodies/organisations;

ii) Supports and feeds information exchange by/between all maritime user communities through operational services built up over time in accordance with their needs. These services are:

      • Adapted to the specific needs of each user community;
      • Standards-based;
      • With appropriate security and access management policies;

iii) Is largely aligned with CISE:

      • Fulfils 8 out 9 CISE Principles;
      • Fulfils 29 (out of 41) CISE Requirements, partly fulfils 7 and does not fulfil 5;
      • Around 72% of the CISE "data groups more likely to be shared" are already available in or through the SSN ecosystem;

iv) Possesses the technical capabilities and the flexibility to evolve in accordance with the needs of different user communities.