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Important Information

lightbulb_a Applications must include:

newsbullet Declaration on honour
newsbullet European CV

info Candidates may apply for more than one position but must send a separate application for each vacancy. Please read carefully the call for applications.

Seconded National Experts

Staff from Public Bodies can work at EMSA as ‘Seconded National Experts’. Seconded National Experts are seconded to the Agency while remaining in the service of their national employer and continuing to be paid their national salary by their employer. They receive from the Agency a daily subsistence allowance per calendar day for the duration of their secondment. Therefore, candidates for a SNE post must be supported by their national authorities.

The Agency uses National Experts in the technical areas where advanced experience is available in National Administrations (e.g. Port State Control). At the same time, the exchange of expertise through Seconded National Experts contributes to the development of effective and smooth working relationships between Member States’ maritime administrations and EMSA.

importantImportant: Your application for a secondment to EMSA must be submitted by the Permanent Representation of the Member State that intends to second you.

Please, click here to get the list and links to the different Permanent Representations to the European Union.

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