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TRACECA II core skills course for marine accident investigators



Core skills course for marine accident investigators was organised in the framework of the TRACECA II project in the period 9 – 13 November 2015 at EMSA premises in Lisbon. 10 participants from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine attended the course.
The course, designed for those who conduct or participate in marine safety investigations, introduced to the participants the basic elements in the process of conducting a safety investigation. The modules of the course cover the key principles of accident investigation, operational readiness and initial response as well as strategy and planning and collection of evidence. A number of accident investigation exercises were also conducted during the course to make it more practical.

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TRACECA II in a nutshell


newsbulletTechnical assistance for officials from TRACECA II beneficiary administrations (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and Turkmenistan).


newsbulletTo assist the competent maritime authorities of the Beneficiaries to align their national standards and practices with those of the European Union.

newsbulletTo support the process of implementation of international conventions and the approximation to EU maritime safety acquis for the Beneficiaries.