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The first comprehensive overview of maritime safety in the European Union, the European Maritime Safety Report (EMSAFE) is a factual overview of a wide range of maritime safety topics, as well as an in-depth analysis of specific technical areas. EMSAFE combines information from all the databases hosted by EMSA to give detailed insights into the status of maritime safety in the EU.

20 years of EMSA

This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary! Starting two decades ago with just a handful of staff, today EMSA supports the European Commission and Member States across issues related to maritime sustainability, surveillance, safety, security, simplification, digitalisation, and capacity-building.
Outlook 2022
This publication presents the main steps the Agency plans to take in 2022 to deliver on its multi-annual strategic objectives based on the information contained in the Single Programming Document (2022-2024) as adopted by EMSA’s Administrative Board.
Strengthening the EU capacity to protect the marine environment, manage climate change and respond to new environmental challenges at sea.
Strengthening EMSA’s role as the core information management hub for maritime surveillance.
Contributing to higher maritime safety standards, anticipate new maritime safety challenges and expectations and provide knowledge-based solutions.
Facilitating the simplification of EU shipping by supporting EU-wide digital maritime solutions.
Contributing to the strengthening of maritime security in Europe and globally, where there is a European interest.