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Impact of COVID-19 on the Maritime Sector in the EU

With international transport at the forefront of trade, and dependent on travel and human interaction, the shipping industry has been impacted both directly and indirectly by the COVID-19 outbreak.


Press Release

Traffic Reports

EMSA offers a range of services to help coastal states around Europe respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to oil or chemical marine pollution incidents from ships and oil and gas installations.
Safety and security
As part of its support to the European Commission on developments in this area, EMSA commissioned a study on the risks and regulatory issues of specific cases of marine autonomous surface ships (MASS)
Visits and Inspections
Classification societies develop and apply technical standards to the design, construction and survey of ships. Of the more than 50 classifications societies worldwide, 12 are recognised at EU level and are inspected regularly by EMSA.
Digital services and simplification
EMSA’s IMS app is a light version of the SafeSeaNet Ecosystem GI for mobiles – providing access to the system wherever needed for registered users
The EMSA RPAS services have been developed to assist in maritime surveillance operations to support authorities involved in Coast Guard functions undertaken by EU Member States
Training and capacity building
The EMSA Academy has been established in order to provide learning services outside formal education to all beneficiary organisations and their individuals. Beneficiary organisations include the EU Member States and EEA countries, the European neighbouring countries, the EU candidate and potential candidate countries, EU and non-EU States members of the Paris MoU and any other third country for which the Agency has been requested to support.