EMSA Highlights 2023


2023 was another busy year here at EMSA. We continued to support the European Commission and Member States on a whole range of maritime issues.

We worked intensively across a wide range of actions and activities across our core areas of maritime safety, sustainability, surveillance, simplification and digitalisation, security, technical assistance, capacity building, and coastguard cooperation.

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In the area of sustainability, we updated THETIS-MRV to support the extension of the EU Emissions Trading System to the maritime transport sector and continued to study the potential of different alternative fuels.

We began our series of studies on the safety aspects of alternative fuels and power sources, and we published our first safety guidance on battery energy storage systems on board ships.

The CARGOSAFE project, which identifies several cost-effective technical measures to improve the fire safety of container ships, was approved by a dedicated panel of experts at the IMO.

Meanwhile, our ROV service became fully operational, supporting accident investigation bodies across the EU.

We published our study on competences for MASS operators in remote operation centres.

And 2023 was the year in which our coast guard cooperation took a big leap forward. From June until the end of August, we led our first ever Multipurpose Maritime Operation in the Baltic Sea region.

At organisational level, we continued to meet our environmental targets in 2023 and completed our journey towards becoming a truly digital administration. We launched our first ever HR strategy, with our staff at its centre. And we ended the year with record levels of budgetary execution.