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Workshop materials & reports

Workshop materials & reports
Title Place Date Documents Reports
19th Mediterranean Expert Working Group Meeting
Rome, Italy 25.01.2023
T-AIS exchange in MAREΣ and future developments
Rome, Italy 26.01.2023
Workshop on Alternative Fuels (biofuels and ammonia) and Power Solutions for Shipping and Ports
Lisbon / Videoconference 18.10.2022
SSN / LRIT Group Meeting 12
Lisbon 28.10.2022
11th CISE Stakeholder Group meeting
Ispra / Videoconference 13.10.2022
Workshop on Directive (EU) 2019/883 on Port Reception Facilities
Lisbon / Videoconference 10.10.2022
CISE-Industry webinar
Videoconference 29.09.2022
Joint EMSA-EFCA workshop on safety/fisheries control rules applicable to fishing vessels
Vigo (Spain) 21.06.2022
10th CISE Stakeholder Group meeting
Lisbon / Videoconference 09.06.2022
Integrated Maritime Services User Consultation Meeting #18
Videoconference 25.05.2022
CISE Workshop at the European Maritime Day 2022
Ravenna, Italy / Videoconference 19.05.2022
SSN / LRIT Group Meeting 11
Lisbon 24.05.2022
IMS Correspondence Expert Group on “Drift Modelling” – 2nd meeting
Videoconference 22.03.2022
CleanSeaNet User Group 21
Videoconference 09.04.2022
9th CISE Stakeholder Group meeting
Lisbon/Videoconference 10.03.2022
CleanSeaNet User Group 21
Videoconference 09.03.2022
Automated Behaviour Monitoring and Advanced Analytics – Workshop 7
Videoconference 14.12.2021
8th meeting of the pilot project for the facilitation of ship to shore reporting
Copenhagen, Denmark 02.12.2021
18th Mediterranean Expert Working Group Meeting
Videoconference 10.12.2021
8th CISE Stakeholder Group meeting
Videoconference 26.10.2021

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