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Workshop materials & reports

Workshop materials & reports
Title Place Date Documents Reports
CISE Workshop at the European Maritime Day 2023
Brest, France 24.05.2023
CISE workshop for the Adriatic Sea region
Portorož, Slovenia 11.05.2023
ECGFF - EMSA workshop on Coast Guard functions in support of the European Green Deal
Lisbon 18.04.2023
SSN / LRIT Group Meeting 13
Lisbon 24.05.2023
12th CISE Stakeholder Group meeting
Lisbon / Videoconference 07.03.2023
19th Mediterranean Expert Working Group Meeting
Rome, Italy 25.01.2023
T-AIS exchange in MAREΣ and future developments
Rome, Italy 26.01.2023
Workshop on Alternative Fuels (biofuels and ammonia) and Power Solutions for Shipping and Ports
Lisbon / Videoconference 18.10.2022
SSN / LRIT Group Meeting 12
Lisbon 28.10.2022
11th CISE Stakeholder Group meeting
Ispra / Videoconference 13.10.2022
Workshop on Directive (EU) 2019/883 on Port Reception Facilities
Lisbon / Videoconference 10.10.2022
CISE-Industry webinar
Videoconference 29.09.2022
Joint EMSA-EFCA workshop on safety/fisheries control rules applicable to fishing vessels
Vigo (Spain) 21.06.2022
10th CISE Stakeholder Group meeting
Lisbon / Videoconference 09.06.2022
Integrated Maritime Services User Consultation Meeting #18
Videoconference 25.05.2022
CISE Workshop at the European Maritime Day 2022
Ravenna, Italy / Videoconference 19.05.2022
SSN / LRIT Group Meeting 11
Lisbon 24.05.2022
IMS Correspondence Expert Group on “Drift Modelling” – 2nd meeting
Videoconference 22.03.2022
CleanSeaNet User Group 21
Videoconference 09.04.2022
9th CISE Stakeholder Group meeting
Lisbon/Videoconference 10.03.2022

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