Training on ISM Code

20181002 140803 resizedFollowing a request by the Marine Survey office if Ireland, a training on ISM Code was delivered in Dublin from 2 to 4 October 2018 at the premises of the Irish Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.

The training contained reference to history and objectives of the code by presenting it's structure, guidelines for the administrations and the latest amendments to the code. Also the differences between the ISM code and Regulation 336/2006/EC where highlighted, while a number of case studies as well as some hands-on material on audit techniques and certification were included. 

The participants were experienced and new entrants, coming from various areas of the country. The course ensured that participants became aware of the latest changes to the ISM Code and guidelines, developed a practical approach on ship auditing techniques, as well as the steps taken by an administration to improve the effectiveness of the audits, follow up and work agreements with the ROs.

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