Best Practices on CISE shared at workshop in EMSA

The first Best Practices Workshop under the Transitional Phase of CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment) was held at EMSA premises on 11 December 2019.


The main aim of this first workshop was to address possible challenges faced when setting up and operating a node in the CISE network. The 35 participants came from EU/EEA states and EU Agencies, and included the 10 node owners currently participating in the network. Participants engaged actively in sharing their experiences through presentations and dedicated break-out sessions, structured to focus on organisational, financial, technical and operational issues.


Amongst the conclusions from the workshop it was emphasized that sharing of best practices and regular training on specific topics is essential for the successful evolution of the CISE project and in addition a useful tool to bring new members on board. Participants agreed that even though the building of the CISE network is an ongoing process, with many challenges ahead, the basis that has been created so far is strong and the final goal is clear.


Similar workshops will be arranged regularly during the CISE Transitional Phase to facilitate the sharing of best practices among the CISE stakeholders.

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