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Safety Analysis of Data Reported in EMCIP - Analysis on Marine Casualties and Incidents involving Ro-Ro Vessels

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m cover emcipEMSA has developed a methodology to analyse data reported in the European Marine Casualty Information Platform (EMCIP) with the view to detect potential safety issues. Such a methodology has been applied to conduct an analysis focused on ro-ro vessels, both passenger and cargo, whose occurrences were reported in EMCIP by the MS between 17/06/2011 and 26/04/2018.

The project has been conducted at two levels:

  • A high-level analysis of all the reported occurrences, either investigated or not, intending to prepare general statistics and identify possible trends;

  • A more detailed analysis on “Accidental Events” (AE), “Contributing Factors” (CF), “Safety Recommendations” (SR) and “Actions Taken” (AT) based on the completed investigations.

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