Dominika Łempicka-Fichter - Head of Department 4 'Corporate Services'

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Dominika Łempicka-Fichter is Head of Department 4 (Corporate Services) at EMSA. Ms. Łempicka-Fichter holds master’s degrees in law, Maritime Law and IT & Telecommunications Law.

She joined the Maritime Office in Szczecin (Polish Maritime Administration) in 2000, holding positions with responsibilities in the implementation of EU legislation, the coordination of activities related to EU Structural Funds and dealing with IMO, EMSA and HELCOM related matters. Additionally, she was responsible for internal administration.

She was also, on an ad hoc basis, consulting for the IMO and lecturing at the Maritime University of Szczecin.

She joined EMSA in 2005, working initially as a Project Officer for Co-operation with Member States and subsequently as Legal Officer. In 2015 she was appointed Head of Unit of Legal, Finance and Facilities Support and from 1st January 2020 she has been Head of Department, Corporate Services, responsible for administration, human resources, legal and financial affairs, and facilities at EMSA.