CISE Stakeholder Group convened at the 6th CSG meeting on 9 and 10 February 2021

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The CISE Stakeholder Group met for the 6th time on 9 and 10 February in virtual format and got updated on the activities and main achievements of the CISE Transitional Phase.

Stakeholders could mark an important milestone for CISE by approving unanimously the Cooperation Agreement  – the administrative framework to regulate the information exchange in CISE, that had been carefully drafted by a dedicated working group and legal services. Following the successful completion of this task and the approval of the instrument, stakeholders will now proceed to sign the agreement.

Another essential part of the Transitional Phase is to target the sharing of information that will eventually take place in the operational phase of CISE, and several activities where discussed in this regard. A report was done from the ongoing exercise where stakeholders identify and develop new services for CISE and highlight relevant use cases as a basis for setting up operational procedures. In addition, stakeholders set off to present their plans for CISE and declare what information they intend to share in the network. These presentations will continue in a series of meetings.

Standardisation in CISE was another topic on the agenda where external speakers had been invited to report on the ongoing work in ETSI.

During the meeting, stakeholders also shared further updates on training and events, technical and operational support, the ongoing Security Study, and reports from the Test Campaign and the Configuration Board.

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