Preliminary Market Consultation - Questionnaire on satellite based Radio Frequency data and services provision for Maritime Security and Surveillance

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General objective

The objective of this market consultation is to enable EMSA to gather in-depth knowledge of the satellite-based Radio Frequency (RF) market including:

    • Main providers of RF data and services
    • Overview of existing capabilities and development roadmap
    • Pricing and financial aspects
    • Data dissemination
    • Applicability of permits and export licenses

For that purpose, EMSA kindly invites interested RF providers and operators to respond to the questionnaire- guiding principles can be found here.

Depending on the results of this Market Consultation EMSA may decide to launch procurement procedures to acquire data or services in the field of RF, with the aim provide an additional source of maritime information to enrich the maritime picture provided to Member States organisations implementing maritime surveillance activities.

Information Requested

For each of the Guiding Principles below, please provide your understanding and potential solution from a technical and operational perspective. Highlight the advantages and shortcomings of the proposed solutions. If possible, provide videos and or images to show the features of your solution.

Response to the questionnaire shall be submitted no later than 16 December 2022 (deadline extended).

To submit a response to this Preliminary Market Consultation please fill in the questionnaire. For any further inquiries, please send an e-mail to