EMSA's oil spill recovery vessels participate in the operational exercise Breeze 2020

galaxy eco

On 17 July, EMSA participated in the operational exercise Breeze 2020. organised by the Bulgarian Navy in conjunction with the Maritime Administration. The Agency mobilised for the exercise two stand-by oil spill recovery vessels in the Black Sea: Galaxy Eco, based in Varna, Bulgaria, and Amalthia, based in Constanta, Romania. The vessels simulated oil spill recovery under different operational configurations with the sweeping arms, booms and skimmer. During this exercise, the vessel Galaxy Eco demonstrated at-sea dispersant spraying capabilities.

breeze 2020

In addition, one lightweight RPAS with a pilot was also provided for the exercise. It streamed a live video signal to the VIP vessel, where the President of Bulgaria was observing the exercise activities.

EMSA also mobilised for Breeze 2020 one inflatable storage barge from its Equipment Assistance Service (EAS) stockpile in Ravenna, Italy, that was deployed at sea by the organisers.

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Source : EMSA
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