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Sensors Portfolio

  rpas AR5 emsa

EO/IR camera

-Laser Iluminator
-Laser range finder

Primary sensor of different resolution, sensitivity and DRI (detect, recognise and identify) to monitor the sea during day (Electro-optical) and during night (Infrared).
  rpas 2 Maritime Radar
-Radar SAR modes

Radar with Maritime Moving Target Indicator, and optionally with imagery modes for environmental monitoring.

RPAS 6Picture4

Emission monitoring sensor For the detection of SOx and NOx, and thus the fuel sulphur content to help enforcing the sulphur directive
AIS receiver AIS signal detection, if remote from terrestrial AIS
 Picture7 Optical scanners In the optical and infrared to scan automatically the sea surface to detect objects of interest
 Picture8 Distress sensor (EPIRB) For the collection of distress signals in order to detect location of people in need at sea and shorten reaction time
 Picture8 Mobile frequency detector For the detection of activities at Sea through detection of telephone mobiles

Radar Emitter Detector

For the detection of activities at Sea through detection of maritime radar emitters