1st UfM Stakeholder Conference on the Blu Economy

The Conference gathered representatives from all Mediterranean countries, including SAFEMED IV countries, as well as representatives from DG MARE. More than 400 participants dealing with marine and maritime issues from the entire region, including government representatives, regional and local authorities, international organisations, academia, the private sector and civil society, participated in the two days conference. The main aim of the gathering was to depict the prominence of the Mediterranean in Blue Economy related matters as well as setting the cornerstone for the future of the Blue Economy in the region. The Conference was organised in plenary sessions as well as 12 parallel workshops covering different aspects such as litter, fishery, and research, among others.

EMSA presented the SAFEMD IV project in Workshop number 10 “Maritime Safety and anti-pollution contingency planning”. The workshop aimed at highlighting the importance of an effective communication and information sharing among Mediterranean countries and Coast Guards. The panel was moderated by Ltc Alberto Adamo from the Italia Coast Guard. The speakers included Admiral Patrick Augier (Deputy Secretary General for the Sea, France), Mr Youssef Ben Romdhane (Director General Ministry of Transport, Tunisia), Mr Mohammed Salman (Director of Technical affairs & Maritime Affairs of the Jordan Maritime Commission) and others.

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