EMSA delivers a virtual training course on CleanSeaNet service

EY IMSAS training

In the context of the SAFEMED V project, six participants from Jordan, Morocco and Libya have undergone the live-broadcasting training course on CleanSeaNet service on 30 -31 May 2023. This training was open only to those countries which had previously signed the Condition of Use for CleanSeaNet service provided by EMSA.

The training session aimed at the familiarization with the SafeSeaNet Ecosystem Graphical User Interface (SEG), which is the common web interface which serves multiple maritime user domains. These include, but are not limited to, Vessel Traffic Monitoring, Marine Pollution Monitoring, Maritime Law Enforcement, etc. SEG is designed to work on fixed and mobile devices including those enabled for touchscreen.

The course encompassed a step-by-step introduction of the SEG as well as practical exercises on the CleanSeaNet service which helped participants to familiarise with the functionalities of the Interface including the management of the oil spill alerts and the identification of potential polluters by overlapping information available. In a nutshell, CleanSeaNet supplements existing surveillance systems at national or regional level, strengthens beneficiary countries responses to illegal discharges, and supports response operations to accidental spills.

Furthermore, an informative session on two additional tools now available to the project’s beneficiaries was offered. These tools, namely MAR-CIS (Marine Chemical Information Sheets) and BE-CHEM (BEhaviour of CHEMicals) will increase the response in combatting pollution by providing information on the substances' hazards, physical and chemical properties, expected physical behaviour once released to the environment, handling procedures and emergency spill response procedures on board of vessels.  

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