Service Contract(s) for Aerial Dispersant Application Service



The aim of this procurement procedure is to provide the means for timely and effective aerial dispersant application service in the event of a request for assistance by any European Union (EU) Member State, European Free Trade Association (EFTA) Member State or the European Commission that requires this service during an actual oil spill.

EMSA aims to establish such a service with private or public entities, or grouping thereof, in order to guarantee, on a short term basis, the availability of one or more airplanes together with on-board crew qualified for performing dispersant spraying operations. The airplane(s) shall be equipped with portable dispersant application system(s) and all the
necessary accessories required for loading and spraying dispersant during oil spill response operations.

An Information Meeting open to any interested party, will be organised in January (see the details in the table below). In order to confirm participation an e-mail should be sent not later than 8th January 2015 to the following dedicated e-mail address OPEN132014@emsa.europa.eu

Information meeting

Place Date Agenda Documents

European Maritime Safety Agency
Praça Europa 4
(Cais do Sodré)
1249-206 Lisbon (PORTUGAL)





EMSA rectified a clerical error that was identified in the Price Calculation Grid (Part E to the Bid Template – enclosure 3 to the Invitation to Tender). Please download below the amended version of this grid.