Contract concerning a study on the yearly updating of the regulatory provisions for the certification of the marine equipment subject to the Marine Equipment Directive, as  amended (Council Directive 96/98/EC and, as of 18 September 2016, Directive 2014/90/EU) and of the marine equipment as listed in the Annex II of the EU-USA Mutual Recognition Agreement (Council Decision 2004/425/EC) - Corrigendum published & deadline extended


Extends the deadline for receipt of tenders from 21/09/2015 (16:00 Lisbon time) to 25/09/2015 (16:00 Lisbon time)

Changes the date for the opening of tenders from 29/09/2015 (10:00 Lisbon time) to 05/10/2015 (10:00 Lisbon time)