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16th core skills course for accident investigators

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Due to the continuous  COVID-19 pandemic, the Agency continued to deliver training to MS, on a live broadcasting synchronous mode using appropriate platforms. 

This training was no exception and thus was delivered via Livestreaming. The course was delivered everyday with online hours from 09.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.00 (CET) with scheduled coffee/tea breaks and the lunchbreak. With the various offered methods, the groups worked efficiently and throughout the days got knowledgeable about Human Factor, Interview techniques, Analyses and Reporting. All participants were eager and active to understand more on the details of marine casualty investigation. The last day special effort by EMSA was made to explain the taxonomy of EMCIP and introduce the participants to the first trial of an Excel based ECFA analysing tool. The group exercise went well, although time was limited.

The training event involved 7 participants from 6 EU MS (Estonia, Latvia, Hungary Ireland, The Netherlands (2), Spain). the training program was comprised by lectures, practical examples and group exercises with the active participation of the participants split in working groups.

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