SAFEMED IV Coordination mission to Israel

20200225 SAFEMED IV Coordination Mission Israel


One of the main objectives of the EU funded SAFEMED IV project is to make sure that all beneficiary countries abide by the provisions of the III Code of the International Maritime Organisation. For this reason, EMSA has scheduled a series of Coordination Mission to gather insights on the various Maritime Administrations of the beneficiary countries and provide a full overview of the actors and entities involved in Flag, Coastal and Port State activities. As a result, a series of tailor-made bilateral activities can be agreed upon and then added to the action plan.


On 25-26 February 2020, EMSA was hosted by the Administration of shipping and Ports in Haifa. All aspects of the III Code were covered, including, but not limited to, VTMIS, Search and Rescue, Pollution Prevention and Response, etc.


The Coordination Meeting was deemed a positive exercise by the Representatives of the Administration of shipping and Ports and allowed EMSA to prepare a list of bilateral activities which will help Israel to full implement and enforce the provisions of the III Code to enhance maritime safety, pollution prevention and labour conditions on board vessels.






  • Haifa, Israel
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