Joint EMSA-EFCA Training on Fishing Vessels

 Joint EFCA EMSA Training FVs May 2018

A joint EFCA-EMSA training on fisheries which included both fishing safety and fisheries control rules applicable to fishing vessels which are of a common interest of both communities (fishing safety inspectors and fisheries inspectors)took place in Lisbon from 23 to 24 May 2018.
The main objectives of this joint training were:
• Increase familiarization of safety inspectors with fisheries control and inspection rules;
• Increase familiarization of fisheries inspectors with safety rules applicable to fishing vessels;
• Raise awareness on the added value of an effective cooperation between fisheries and safety Authorities;
• Increase cross function cooperation.
The training had a practical approach and was customized on the needs of inspectors with operational experience on fishing vessels.

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