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Join the 2nd CISE Virtual Open Day on 20 September 2023

Interested to learn how the existing maritime surveillance systems can be connected through CISE? And how this will lead to enhanced information sharing and cooperation across all maritime sectors? Join our 2nd CISE Virtual Open Day on 20 September 2023 to learn all about the Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) for the EU maritime domain, and get updated on the latest developments regarding its implementation.

CISE Open Day News Twitter Post


The CISE Virtual Open Day is for anyone who would like to learn more about CISE, including maritime authorities, industry, academia, media, and other interested stakeholders. Together with invited guest speakers we will walk you through the most important aspects of CISE, how it works and how different Member States (MS) maritime authorities can connect and share information through the CISE network. Moreover, we will explain the role of CISE in addressing different maritime security threats and the Sea Basin Strategy we are developing together with the Member States involved in CISE.

Other topics foreseen in the agenda will cover:

        • What the key principles of CISE and the latest EU policy developments are
        • How CISE will be used in an operational context, and the upcoming CISE Operational Phase starting in 2024
        • How to stay updated about the latest news and progress in the CISE implementation
        • Q&A session: all you ever wanted to ask about CISE!

See the full workshop agenda HERE

To register to the workshop, contact the CISE Team at by 15 September and indicate “CISE Virtual Open Day” in the subject of your e-mail.

The workshop will take place online and will be held in English.