Third training for CISE Node Administrators

EMFAF workshop photo 4

On 14 October, EMSA delivered another training for the Node Administrators: the national and EU experts responsible for the management of the CISE Node in their respective authorities.

Thirty participants from 12 countries and 2 EU Agencies took part in the online training session dedicated to the administration of the CISE node and related technical aspects. Among the trainees were representatives of the current “node owners” as well as of authorities planning or considering to set up a node, using this opportunity to get a better understanding of CISE.

During the training the participants could get acquainted with the architecture and modalities of the recently released CISE node version 2.0. The technical team explained how the information exchange in CISE works in practice and what the main elements of the CISE network are. The participants of the training were provided with a set of exercises to test the management of the Node components, so that, as soon as the node version 2.0. is installed in their systems, they can start to practice exchanging CISE messages.

Together with the new version of the CISE node a new Administration Console was developed, which was also presented during the training. To get familiar with the Console functionalities and to easily navigate the user interface, a live demonstration was provided. The participants had the opportunity to learn, amongst other things, how to configure the node, create a participant and service and manage the access control rules.

Providing training to the CISE stakeholders and the relevant experts is an essential activity carried out during the Transitional Phase of CISE. These types of trainings are organised on a regular basis and provide the ideal forum to share best practices and lessons learnt.

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