CISE workshop for the Baltic Sea region to be held on 28 April 2021

gulf of finland

In parallel with the CISE Stakeholder Group (CSG) meetings and ongoing activities of the Transitional Phase, EMSA and DG MARE arrange bilateral meetings and/or regional initiatives to further discuss the CISE implementation and to strengthen the development of CISE in specific countries and regions.

Against this background, EMSA will organise a CISE Workshop for public authorities of countries of the Baltic Sea region, with the purpose to share information about CISE implementation and its potential for the region and to discuss any issue of mutual interest. The Finnish Border Guard has kindly offered to support in the event by sharing best practices and experiences.

The target group of countries for this event will be Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. The invitation will be channelled to the CSG members or, where a member has not yet been appointed, to the Permanent Representations of the Member States to the EU. It can be forwarded within the country to representatives of relevant authorities that would be interested in learning more about CISE. For further information, please contact your CSG member authority  or the CISE team at

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