Empollex Expert Exchange Programme

Major oil pollution incidents such as the Erika in France or the Prestige in Spain, have shown that international cooperation is essential and that incidents are so complex and large-scale that the response demands a high level of skills, equipment and coordination. This is also true for the response to major incidents of hazardous and noxious substances (HNS). International cooperation, training and information exchange is therefore needed to tackle these large scale pollution incidents. This can be facilitated through the EMSA Marine Pollution Expert Exchange Programme (Empollex).

How it works

National experts from participating states working for a governmental/public administration are given the opportunity to travel to other countries, in order to gain or share professional experience. During the exchange, the experts can:

  • learn different response techniques
  • study the approaches taken within other emergency services or other relevant organisations with special expertise in marine pollution preparedness and response

Programme objectives

To promote the exchange of best practice between participating states (EU member states, EU candidate countries and Norway & Iceland).

To enhance contacts, networks & cooperation between participating states in the field of marine pollution with a view to improve national preparedness & capabilities for response.

For more information on the programme, please consult the EMPOLLEX Rules, Procedures and Guidelines or contact Empollex@emsa.europa.eu.


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