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Period 2011 - Today

Calls for Tenders [archived]

Description Published Deadline

Framework contract(s) for the supply of oil pollution response equipment

23.04.2011 17.06.2011

Large account reseller (LAR) Microsoft products

19.04.2011 10.05.2011
EMSA OP/03/2011

Study on the potential use and limits of biofuels to propel commercial ships


05.04.2011 16.05.2011
EMSA OP/01/2011

Deliver of ASP / CSP services for the EU LRIT Data Centre

02.04.2011 25.05.2011

Service contracts for stand-by oil spill recovery vessel(s)

30.01.2011 16.03.2011

Provision of office supplies

30.01.2011 25.02.2011

Supply of paper

30.01.2011 16.03.2011

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