Training for Flag State Inspectors for BCSEA Project beneficiary countries

BCSEA 20180313

Within the context of the EU funded BCSEA Project, EMSA has undertaken the organization of the first training for Flag State inspectors. The training was held at EMSA premises, in Lisbon, from 12 to 16 March 2018. Overall, 13 participants from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Ukraine have successfully completed the 40 hours course.

The training was divided into three main components. The first component encompassed an overview of the international legal framework which included elements of the III Code and the RO Code. The second and more extensive component guided the participants through the inspection process. It started from the Master’s Office to the various areas on board such as the Engine Room, Deck, Bridge, Accommodation, among others. The third and last component focused on a practical scenario which addressed a follow-up Flag State inspection subsequent to a PSC detention in a generic port.

During the entire week, the participants engaged with various lectures from EMSA and touched upon multiple areas of expertise. As the training unfolded, it was clear that such activity is a key not only to enrich the Flag State activities of the beneficiary countries but also to enhance the level of compliance with the international legal framework and the III Code. It is expected that this training course would become one of the structural trainings for the beneficiary countries under the BCSEA Project.


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