IPA II - Coordination Meetings

ipa coordination

Before the beginning of the project EMSA planned to conduct coordination missions in the Beneficiary countries. These missions were to be conducted with each of the Project beneficiaries in the initial phase of the project as a tool to support identification of gaps and needs to be addressed. 

However, after the beginning of the project its implementation has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. The lockdown measures which all countries in Europe, including the beneficiary countries, implemented, led to last-minute adjustments that needed to be made in the initial planning. 

In order to ensure continuity of the capacity building services offered to the beneficiaries by the Agency, the project team re-scheduled the planned ‘coordination missions’ to the beneficiary countries as ‘coordination meetings’ held via Internet platforms.

Coordination meetings were organised with 5 of the 6 project’s beneficiaries. Their aim was to present the project and taking into consideration its Terms of Reference identify in cooperation with the relevant Authorities in the Beneficiaries, the actions considered appropriate for the implementation

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