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Marine Equipment

Marine Equipment

The Marine Equipment is a key element to ensure the overall safety of a ship. The mandatory safety equipment to be carried on board is defined at international level by the IMO, whereas the standards are set by different standardisation bodies, including ISO, CENELEC and also the IMO.

The EU took action through the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU to harmonise the testing standards and the certification, which is carried out by specialised entities, the Notified Bodies. EMSA is supporting the European Commission and EU Member States by coordinating every year the update of the list of relevant safety equipment and associated standards. In addition, EMSA is managing, at request of the European Commission, the technical secretariat of the MarED group of Notified Bodies, where an intense harmonisation technical work is developed.

EMSA is also assisting the Commission by managing a MED Portal which includes the list of approved products that can be carried on board EU Member States flagged ships. This Portal has also general information on MED topics, supports the work of the MarED group and is designed to implement the electronic tag (e-tag).

To increase the benefit of this harmonisation work, a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) has been concluded between the EU and the United States on certain equipment items to facilitate bilateral trade in marine equipment and to increase the effectiveness of each Party's regulatory actions. EMSA is part of technical harmonisation group of the MRA. The latest MRA is included in the MED Portal.