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EMSA will arrange an “Introduction to CISE” (virtual) training session on 16 June

CISE Training in June Picture 2

On the initiative of the CISE Stakeholder Group, EMSA is organising an “Introduction to CISE” training session, held via VTC, on 16 June 2021. During the training, participants will receive an introduction to the CISE network and learn about possible governance models that can be deployed, the CISE technical set-up required, the operational and administrative aspects involved and the financial implications.

The target groups for this training are current, new and potential future members of the CISE network representing EU/EEA public authorities. This mixture of members with shorter and longer experience of CISE will allow for a valuable exchange of practical information. The main aim of this training is to help newcomers better understand CISE, as well as to help the established members to further develop their nodes and networks. This training is based on, and goes hand in hand with, a Practical Guide designed to facilitate the joining of the CISE network for newcomers.

The invitation has been sent to the CSG members and Node Administrators. The registration is open until 2 June. For further information about the training, please contact .

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