SafeSeaNet Management

SafeSeaNet has been developed and implemented under the leadership of the European Commission (Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport - DG MOVE), which retains overall responsibility for the system. EMSA is responsible for its development, operation and maintenance, and interacts with users on an operational basis. The Member States, as data providers, are recognised as the owners of the data.

Following a Commission decision in July 2009, the SafeSeaNet High Level Steering Group was established to manage and develop policies related to the system. The High Level Steering Group comprises one representative per Member State and one representative from the Commission. EMSA attends meetings of the group as an observer.

The group has been tasked with the following:

• Making recommendations to improve the effectiveness and security of the system
• The provision of appropriate guidance for its development
• Assisting the Commission in reviewing its performance
• Approving the interface and functionalities control document (IFCD), which describes the performance requirements and procedures applicable to the different elements in SafeSeaNet and addresses
• Access rights guidance for data quality management
• Security specifications for data transmission and exchange
• The archiving of information at national and central level