Traineeship - what we offer

As a trainee, you will be carrying out your duties in our headquarters in central Lisbon, as a part of our team here at EMSA. Find out more about how and when to apply for an EMSA traineeship.

We expect our trainees to show motivation and eagerness to learn, and to have a proactive and enthusiastic attitude. Trainees will work on a full-time basis to contribute to the objectives of our Agency, and should have an interest in EMSA, its mandate and its mission.

We offer traineeships in the following areas

  • Communication
  • Sustainability
  • Human Element
  • Capacity Building
  • Ship Safety and Marine Equipment
  • RPAS Services
  • Digital Services and Simplification
  • Maritime Digital Services
  • Testing and Validation
  • Corporate Services
  • Human Resources and Internal Support
  • Law
  • Maritime Support Services

All our trainees receive a monthly grant throughout the duration of their traineeship. The amount of the grant is published in each traineeship notice.

Trainees may, depending on their circumstances, be entitled to additional allowances (like travel allowances) at the beginning and end of their traineeships.

For more information, please consult our Rules governing our traineeship scheme.