Maritime Knowledge Centre (MaKCs) – eLearning platform

MaKCs is a web based eLearning platform, developed and hosted by EMSA. The platform was originally developed in support of the Professional Development Scheme of the Paris MoU. The tool is designed to improve the professional competency and to ensure a harmonised approach by PSCOs during PSC inspections. Currently 18 modules are available for the PSCOs.

Considering that the development of an e-learning module is a cost-effective and efficient way of ensuring the distribution of up-to- date training material to a large number of users and the new tasks assigned to the Agency in relation to capacity building, EMSA has decided to extend the accessibility of the platform to users beyond the Paris MoU domain. In this respect a number of modules are developed for the targeted groups of participants from EU Members States, Enlargement, ENP countries as well as other PSC regimes around the globe.

Today 80 countries worldwide are served with proprietary PSC learning material.


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